How to make a plug-in that supports the placeholder attribute of HTML5 under IE

This article will explain in detail how to make the plug-in that supports the placeholder attribute of HTML5 under ie. Xiaobian thinks it is very practical, so I share it for you a...
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Introduction to placeholder attribute in HTML5

This article mainly introduces 'introduction of placeholder attribute in HTML5'. In daily operation, I believe many people have doubts about the introduction of placeholder attribu...
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ThinkPHP batch delete

1. Form submission data
Pure JS realizes the selection of all, inverse selection and no selection of the checkbox-Tumi

What are the modifiers in the V-model

Today, Xiaobian shared with you the modifiers in V-model. I believe most people don't know much about it. In order to let you know more, Xiaobian summarized the following contents....
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Using jQuery to realize form verification function

* {margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font family: Microsoft YaHei;} form span {color:
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Angularjs directive extension based on jQuery UI autocomplete

In the previous essays, I briefly introduced angularjs. In angularjs, directive is an important concept, which is mainly responsible for most of the build style interaction. As men...
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JS, query select Radio + select + checkbox

JS, query select radio and select checkbox. Some students asked how to select radio, select and checkbox? We usually directly use jQuery $('#id'). Val ('') for input text type; You...
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Summarize the common jQuery selectors

$('#myelement') select the element whose ID value is equal to myelement. The ID value cannot be repeated. In the document, only one ID value is myelement, so the only element is ob...
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