What are the 11 JavaScript tips that were ignored

What are the 11 JavaScript tips that have been ignored? For this problem, this article introduces the corresponding analysis and solutions in detail, hoping to help more partners w...
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In PHP$_ Files details-Tumi

In PHP$_ Files details

<form enctype='multipart/form-data' action='URL'method='post'>     <input type='file' name='brand_logo' /> </form> Z...
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PHP realizes paging reading of file content

/***File content paging reading function * @ param string / array $file_ path_ Arr file name * @ param int $start page start lines * @ return JSON * @ author Gongzheng*@ since Febr...
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Basic examples of JavaScript programming

JavaScript overview JavaScript is a high-level scripting language belonging to the network. It has been widely used in web application development. It is often used to add various ...
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PHP remove the two-dimensional array

Write it yourself: / * * * duplicate removal of two-dimensional array * @ param array $array * / function array_ unique_ fb($array){foreach ($array as $key=>$v){$str = '';foreac...
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Falling in love with

Falling in love with “Object-Oriented” – object related concepts (2)

The last article explained the concept of object. This article will focus on explaining some of the most confusing concepts, including constructors

Nested 3-level classification, the efficiency may not be too high

$rs = $model->getParSorts();$ parr = array(); foreach($rs as $key=>$val){if($val['pid'] == 0){$parr[$val['id']]['pname'] = $val['name'];unset($rs[$key])
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Practical application of JavaScript

1. Calendar hacker Ali spittel pushed the latest developments. It solves a problem I have faced many times. If you replace the minus sign with the plus sign, it will give you the n...
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PHP array has duplicate opposite elements, to repeat

$arr1=array('a_b','c_d','b_a','d_c');$ arr2=array('a_b','c_d','b_a','d_c'); Conditions: