' Vim syntax file
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JS judge data type

1、 Typeof directly returns the data type field, but cannot determine the array, null, or object
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JavaScript Basics-Tumi

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript (JS) is a programming language. It is a web page dynamic script usually used for the client side. However, it is also often used for the server side through a package su...
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Lavavel notes eloquent ORM paging source code analysis

After installing laravel debugbar, open a list page and find that the page output has two select count (*) statements, which is a serious design defect. view code
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Interviewer: Why are you so strong and dare to reduce everything-Tumi

Interviewer: Why are you so strong and dare to reduce everything

1. Use reduce to implement some APIs of the array. Add the API based on reduce to the array prototype:
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Online playback of. Wav audio files compatible with IE and chrome

<body>             <bgsound id='snd_ie' src='' loop='loop'>      &nb...
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PHP Basics

1. For PHP coding, you can add header information to the PHP code to specify the browser code: header ('content type: text / HTML; charset = UTF-8 '); 2. Delete variable $name ='wa...

JQuery is a method of parsing JSON files or traversing JSON data

One. Let's talk about the traversal method first: 1. Use each to traverse the code as follows: $(function() {var tbody = ''; / / ------------------ traverse the object. Use of each...
What does DOM object mean-Tumi

What does DOM object mean

In this issue, the editor will bring you about the meaning of DOM objects. The article is rich in content and will analyze and describe it for you from a professional perspective. ...

Detailed analysis of JavaScript window browser object model

What Xiaobian wants to share with you this time is to analyze the object model of JavaScript window browser in detail. The article is rich in content. Interested partners can come ...
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