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How to set session and destroy session in PHP7

How to set sessionations and destroy sessionSession in PHP7 to save any data type 1, start session session session_start () 2, set session $ _SESSION ['useename'] = '';...
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JQuery installation and use-Tumi

JQuery installation and use

This article mainly introduces you to the installation and use of the jQuery framework. The content is easier to learn, and the code reading understands is better. It is very suita...
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A situation in which jQuery ON events fail in IE8, and solution

Conclusion: IE8's following jQuery's ON event invalid, it is possible to use native JS to try JQuery events. The following invalid examples are as follows: There is a HTML structur...
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Momojin: jQuery Easyui dynamic head

DataGrid loading successful event Setup head columns:[[{title: ' ', colspan: 6}], [... OnlineSuccess: function () {
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Let the control of the variable $ let

jQuery.noconflict (); // Let the control of the variable $ out of jQuery ('p'). click () // Continue to use the jQuery library in the function to use the jQuery class library $ () ...
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HTML adds icons to the title bar

You can also use the icon on the left side of the address bar in the 'Shortcut Icon' short icon. The icon is displayed on the left side of the address bar, which is 16 * 16. The su...
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YAML file structure

Looking at DrupAl8, it is found that the definition of its modules and topics is YAML files. DruPal8 uses the YAML file structure in the Symfony framework, so that translation is u...
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Node gets environment variables

Node sometimes needs to obtain environment variables, you can use the Node built-in object process, for example: get the value of the name GRUNT_PATH in the environment variable: v...
PHP gets the front-end submission data class: support dangerous data filtering-Tumi

PHP gets the front-end submission data class: support dangerous data filtering

Code: / *** @Desc: Get the data submitted by the front-end, support data filter * @Author [lee] <[> * / class getRequest {/ * @ DESC: internal function: Filter Danger Data * ...

Centos Yum installation PHP5.5, 5.6

Under CentOS, Yum Installing PHP5.5, 5.6 The default version is too low, there are some troubles to manually install, you want to use Yum installation you can use the following sce...
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