PDO prepare for PHP

When the same SQL is queried (executed) multiple times, but the query conditions (data) are different each time, it is right to use prepare. It can greatly reduce the query (execut...
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PHP extension related-Tumi

PHP extension related

Foreign three -writing-part-ii-p

The give typical examples of Vue.use source is analysed

This article will explain the analysis of give typical examples of concerned Vue.use source in detail for everybody, small make up those who feel quit
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PHP – Compilation and Installation

Small Q: Today, the LNMP architecture is built today, just integrates the module of my blog; 1. Compile parameter detailed explanation and compile parameter installation; 2, copy t...

17. Background Management Registration Audit Interface

17. Background management registration audit interface 17.1. Background management registration audit list interface new status = 5 review does not pass state request / manage / wa...
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Alipay new version of PC payment

Public Function NewPay ($ data = array ()) {// public parameter $ PUB_PARAMS = ['App_ID' => Self :: AppID, 'Method' => '', // Interface Name Fill in the ...
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Which compression ratio of WEBP is better

I studied a circle of Webp finally got a classic compression ratio, gain a good balance between quality and file size. CWEBP -Q 75 -M 4 a.png -o a.webp The key-Q 75 quality here, t...

JQuery common screening method

1, jQuery filtering method EQ (index | -index) first () last () Hasclass (Class) Filter (expr | obj | ele | fn) IS (Expr | OBJ | ELE | FN) MAP (Callback) HAS (expr | ELE) NOT (EXPR...
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[Li Jingshan PHP] TP5-20170201 | Thinkphp5-Request.php-4

/ ** * Settings to get the parameters for getting the current request * @access public * @Param string | Array $ name Variable name * @Param mixed $ default default * @Param String...
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