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PHP uses an asterisk * Replace mobile phone number protection information

In most cases, in order to protect the user information, it will be encrypted with the mobile phone number. This article introduces the PHP as an asterisk * instead of the mobile p...

HTML front end foundation: Table and SELECT operation

This article mainly introduces you in detail in the Foundation of Table and SELECT in the Foundation of Table and SELECT, and the code reading is better, and it is very suitable fo...
JavaScript pop-up code sharing-Tumi

JavaScript pop-up code sharing

This article shares the code instance of the JavaScript pop-up warning, I believe that most people have not learned this skill, in order to let everyone know more, give you the fol...
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What does border-bottom mean?-Tumi

What does border-bottom mean?

What does border-bottom mean? I believe that many newcomers' understanding of the Border-Bottom property is in the state of understanding, through this article, I hope you can harv...
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Three ways to align in CSS horizontal vertical-Tumi

Three ways to align in CSS horizontal vertical

This article mainly introduces three methods of alignment in CSS horizontal vertical, have a reference value, and friends needed can be referred to. The following information is ab...
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JavaScript implementation of table viability-Tumi

JavaScript implementation of table viability

This article shares the JavaScript implementation of the code intercoutrie, the sample code introduction is very detailed, zero foundation can also refer to this article, and inter...

YII and Zend Studio integration

YII is based on test-driven, and Zend Studio is a good idea. Integration is necessary. This article is suitable for the developer, VIM user or text editor user, using the IDE, plea...
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Use float to implement text surround image effect in CSS-Tumi

Use float to implement text surround image effect in CSS

How to use FLOAT to realize text surround image effect in CSS? I believe that many of the newly entitled small partners have not learned, through this article, I hope you can gain ...
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How JavaScript removes repeating characters when statistical characters

This article mainly introduces the method of repeating characters when you introduce JavaScript implementation statistics, and the sample code introduced in the article is very det...
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PhpStorm how to set up code ignore the case-Tumi

PhpStorm how to set up code ignore the case

This article introduces the method of pHPSTORM setup code to ignore the case. The graphic combination explanation step is easy to play, the article content is more step by step, I ...
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