JQuery composite event

1: Hover () is used to simulate cursor hovering events. Hover (enter, leave) will trigger the first function enter when the cursor moves over the element and the second function en...

JS based eating box games

As a child, you can often play this game of hitting the box on the video game console. Next, use pure tables and JS to make one. If you want to see the effect, copy the jQuery file...
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ThinkPHP paging class

First, understand the difference between this - > assign and this - > display. Assign is to assign a value to the template variable. Display is to output the template variabl...
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Use of paging under thinphp

$count = M('ucenter_wenjuan')->where(array('token'=>$token))->order('id')->count(); $ Page = new Page($count,5); $ show = $Page->s

PHP paging class is simple and practical

<? // In order to avoid errors caused by repeated inclusion of files, a condition is added to judge whether the function exists: if (! Function_exists (pageft)) {/ / define the ...
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Apple CMS template 1004 Untitled-Tumi
When layer UI uses multi-layer pop-up frames, there are problems in the interaction of each page-Tumi

When layer UI uses multi-layer pop-up frames, there are problems in the interaction of each page

Recently, when using layer UI bullets for projects, level 2-3 bullets are sometimes used. Multi level bullets will encounter the interaction problem between the data of each bullet...

Good programmers share JavaScript namespace pattern examples

Good programmers share the detailed explanation of JavaScript namespace pattern examples. This example describes the JavaScript namespace pattern as follows: a namespace can be con...
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Landing page input text prompt floating effect-Tumi

Landing page input text prompt floating effect

JQuery CSS3 landing page realizes the animation effect of floating prompt text after obtaining focus
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