ThinkPHP database operation notes

1. Model class instantiation (1) directly instantiate Model (['Model Name], [' Data Fatter '], ['Database Connection Information']); $ USER = New \ Home \ Model \ UserModel () ; $ ...


Description Use the unique different value, the parameter of the Distinct method is a Boolean example db :: Table ('think_user') -> DISTINCT (TRUE) -> Field ('user_login') -&...
How to use the position attribute in CSS?-Tumi

How to use the position attribute in CSS?

How to use the position attribute in CSS? For friends who have developed front-end, the position attribute in the CSS is critical. Simply put, the meaning of Position in CSS is tha...
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Thinkphp – Condition Judgment-Present

Description Present Tag Use to determine if a variable has defined sample {present name = 'num'} NUM has defined {/ present} Output NUM Has defined 2Present Tags and ELSE Tags Mixe...

JQuery Alert Dialogs (Alert, Confirm, & Prompt Replacements) (Translation)

Not long ago, I saw this plugin in the official website, so I saw it today, and I will share it with you. Maybe you have already known, if you please skip, don't shoot bricks. The ...
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Thinkphp- Use the default value

Example {$ Name | default = 'This guy is too lazy, no leave'}

Thinkphp-foreach tag 3

Description Defined Variable Name Example {FOREACH Name = 'MEMBERLIST' Item = 'Member' key = 'k'} {$ k} {$ meMber.name} {/ foreach} Output 0thinkPhp1zhangsan42zhangsan53zhangsan6
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Example of using the Word-spacing property in CSS-Tumi

Example of using the Word-spacing property in CSS

This article mainly introduces the use example of the Word-spacing property in the CSS. The sample code introduced in the text is very detailed, with certain reference value, inter...
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Introduction to Split () in JavaScript-Tumi

Introduction to Split () in JavaScript

Today, Xiaobian is shared by Split () in JavaScript, many people don't know much, today Xiaobian In order to let everyone know more about split () in JavaScript, I have summarized ...
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Use example of jQuery's INSERTAFTER () method-Tumi

Use example of jQuery’s INSERTAFTER () method

INSERTAFTER () is a built-in method of jQuery to insert some HTML content after a specified element. Below this article will introduce you to the usage of INSERTAFTER (), I hope to...
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