Webpack quick start (I)-Tumi

Webpack quick start (I)

This article can be used as a reference for webpack novices and webpack veterans. Note: This article is based on the latest webpack v4.29.5; The sample operation steps in this arti...
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Egret protobufjs installation and use-Tumi

Egret protobufjs installation and use

First install nodeprotobufjs GitHub address:
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Simple understanding of the use of nodejs module

This article is about a simple understanding of the use of nodejs module. Xiaobian thinks it is very practical, so I share it with you for learning. I hope you can gain something a...
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Coding standards (Drupal code detection)

This article mainly focuses on code detection in Drupal development, and briefly lists the installation and use steps of coder and phpcs. For details, please refer to the official ...
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Use and configuration of webpack

Webpack advantage code separation loader (css.sass, JSX, etc.) intelligent analysis (require ('. / template / + names +' e.js ')) 1. Install webpack NPM install - G webpack enter N...
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Commonjs and AMD / CMD for JS modular programming

1、 Commonjs1. Commonjs API defines the APIs used by many ordinary applications (mainly non browser applications), thus filling this gap. Its ultimate goal is to provide a standard...
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Vue packaging volume optimization method-Tumi

Vue packaging volume optimization method

This article mainly explains the method of Vue packaging volume optimization. The content is clear and clear. If you are interested, you can learn it. I believe it will be helpful ...
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PHP installation test Memcache extension in CentOS environment-Tumi

PHP installation test Memcache extension in CentOS environment

1. Install libmemcached library Yum install libmemcached2, download and unzip the Memcache file WGet tar xzvf memcache-3.0.8.tgz
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Upgrade php5.5.10 is not compatible with extensions

NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: memcache: Unable to initialize module