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In the HTTPS protocol, HTTP request cannot be included

Today, I have encountered a problem. The project cannot log in. After testing, I finally discovered that under the HTTPS protocol, the login interface call is the HTTP protocol, re...
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‘grunt’ is not internal or external command, nor is it a running program or batch file.

When you encounter a very strange pit, clear grunt-cli grunt is written in accordance with the configuration of the official website, but entering GRUNT -V is an error 'grunt' is n...

JQuery Learning Series (1) Introduction

JQuery is another excellent JavaScrīpt framework after Prototype. It is a lightweight JS library (only 21K after compression), it is compatible with CSS3, compatible with various ...
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JavaScript DEFER Usage

<script type = "Text / Javasc
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TypeScript + React + Redux actual combat simple weather app full set of complete projects

Directory: Download link: Baidu network disk from the process-oriented JS to object-oriented JS, so that the web front end is more high. Let your front end on step by step, keep up...
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Directory Tree Display on the page

// Complete directory structure Function get_dir_tree ($ uid, $ from_dir = 0) {$ sql = 'SELECT DIR_ID, DIR_NAME, DEPTH, P_ID from $ this -> _ DIR_TABLE WHERE User_id = $ uid and...
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Upgrade PHP + Apache under Mac

Subscribe to PHP + APACHE under Mac. But the version is not the latest. I didn't find a better case for a long time for a long time. I have to figure out myself. My book is 5.4 on ...
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git set agent

For GitHub beginners, the just configured environment may encounter a variety of pits, such as if the local computer is using the company network, it is possible to follow the norm...
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Can’t find PHPize

[root @ chen memcache-2.2.3] # Which phpize / usr / bin / Which: no phpize in (/ usr / local / sbin: / usr / local / bin: / sbin: / bin: / usr / sbin: / USR / BIN: / ROOT / BIN) P
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Review PHP-language reference-expression

1. No ===! == San Yuan operation: xxx? Xxx: xxx 2. Need to pay attention to the conversion of the type of operation, the floating point is best not to operate.
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