What are the WebStorm shortcuts under the Mac system?

This article mainly shows the “What are the WebStorm shortcuts under the Mac system”, the content is simple and easy to understand, clear, hopes to help everyone solve the doubt, let Xiaobian lead everyone to study and learn ” What is the WebStorm shortcut under the Mac system?

Command + g finds

Command + Shift + F in a folder

Command + R Replacement


Command + D line replication

Command + X cut line

Ctrl + g finds the same word as the currently selected word (equivalence + D)

Command + Shift + ‘Up / Down arrow key’ up and down mobile selection block

SHIFT + ENTER Re-starting new line (no matter where the cursor is in the cursor)

Alt + ‘LEFT / RIGHT direction button’ Move the cursor in words

Command + E Select recently opened File

Command + Tab Switch the currently open file

Command + Shift + [/] Quick Switching tab

Control + Shift + J Clear the indentation of the line , Becoming a single line

Alt + UP / DOWN direction button ‘up / down selection code block

Command + L Jump

Command + Qualification button Remove the current Dow

Third. View Code Artifact

Command + – / + Folding Code Block (Automatic recognition)

Command + Shift + – / + folding all code blocks (automatic identification)

Command +. Code block

Command + P display parameter information

Command + B / Click Jump to Variable Definition

Alt + F1 lookup code in other interface modules

Command + Alt + F7 View the current variable Call

/ ** + Enter automatically generates annotation

SHIFT + F6 Advanced Rename Variable

Command + Shift + C Copy the absolute path of the current file

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