WDATEPICKER.JS Time Date Plugin How to Use

This article describes the use of WDATEPICKER.JS time plug-in, share it to everyone, specifically:

Quote “Plugin- Clander folder.


 1. No control is set    
2. The range of limitations is 2006-09-10 to 2008-12-20

The code is as follows:
3. The limit of the limit is 2008- 3-8 11:30:00 to 2008-3-10 20:59:30

4. The scope of the limit is in February 2008 to October 2008 The code
code is as follows:

5. The range of limitations is from 8:00:00 to 11:30:00

The code is as follows:
   6. You can only choose today's previous date (including today)  

code is as follows :

7. Using an operational expression can only be selected today (not including today)
The code is as follows:

8. You can only choose this month to the last day of this month

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The code is as follows:

9. You can only choose today 7:00:00 to Tomorrow 21:00:00 Date

10. Use the calculated expression can only be selected from 20 hours to 30 hours later.

11. The previous date cannot be greater than the date of the rear and the two dates cannot be greater than 2020-10-01

The contract is valid from
[Note: The date format of the two dates must be the same.
DP. It is equivalent to the document function.

Why is the ‘use \’? That’s because “and ‘are used by the peripheral function, so use the escape character \, otherwise it will prompt JS syntax errors. So you should use \ ‘change to “or’ when you are in use.

#f {$ dp. $ D (\ ‘D4312 \’) || \ ‘2020-10-01 \’} means that when D4312 is empty, the value of 2020-10-01 is used as the maximum value]

WDATEPICKER.JS time plug-in value and assignment:



// Assign $ (“. Div-wdate”). VAL (“2019-01-01”); // Take the value $ (“. Tijiaobtn”). On (“click”, function () {Console.log (“. div-wdate”). Val ());});

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