NodeJS implements mobile phone SMS verification module Ali big than function

1, NodeJS installation Ali is bigger than module

Switch to the project catalog Using npm installation Ali module

  npm i node -Alidayu --save  
2, Aliyu official website uses Taobao account login

Login Ali is bigger than

https : //

1 Click Management Center

2 Click Application Management === “Creation Application

NodeJS 实现手机短信验证模块阿里大于功能

3 Configuration Management === “Verification Code ====> Add SMS Signature

NodeJS 实现手机短信验证模块阿里大于功能

4 Application list === “Operation column ===” Click to remember App Key and App Sercret

NodeJS 实现手机短信验证模块阿里大于功能

5. Backstage code

VAR alidayu = Require (‘Node-alidayu’); var client = new alidayu ({app_key: ‘your own’, app_secret: ‘ Your own ‘}) // External call This method exports.MessageCheck = function (REQ, RES, NEXT) {// randomly generates six-digit verification code VAR RANGE = function (start, end) {var arrness = []; FOR (var i = start; i

NodeJS 实现手机短信验证模块阿里大于功能

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