AngularJS Example of Shopping Calculation Tools

This example tells the amount of shopping amount calculation tools implemented by AngularJS. Share to everyone for reference, as follows:

When we use JS or jQuery to make a shopping cart, it will be very troublesome. Today, we use Angularjs a new method to calculate the total amount of shopping cart. The code is as follows: Angular Shopping Calculator   [ Price:   Quantity:   Shipping: {{Cup.Fee | Currency: "¥"}}   Total amount: {{all () | currency: "¥"}} 

// Shopping amount calculation function sum ($ scope) {$ scope.cup = {"price": 12, "Count": 1, "Fee": 20} $ scope.all = function () {RETURN $ scope.cup.price * $ scope.cup.count;} // $ watch // Listening // There are three parameters // 1. Function or attribute // 2.Callback // 3.true Depth Monitor $ Scope. $ Watch ("all (" all ("", function (nval, oval) {//console.log (nval +""+ noval ); if (NVAL

<100){ $scope.cup.fee=20; } else{ $scope.cup.fee=0; } },true) $scope.$watch("cup.count",function(nval, oval){ //console.log(nval+":"+oval); if(nval<1){ $scope.cup.fee=0; } },true) } PS: Here you recommend several online computing tools for everyone to use:
Online Investment Financial Calculator:

Online Deposit Calculator: angularjs实现的购物金额计算工具示例

Science calculator online usage _ advanced calculator online calculation: Jisuanqi / JSQKexue
Online Calculator_State Calculator:
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