Angular Implementation Sensitive Text Auto Filtering and Tips Example

The instance of this paper tells the sensitive text automatic filtering and prompt functionality implemented by Angular implementation. Share to everyone for reference, the specific code:

Angular实现的敏感文字自动过滤与提示功能示例 Specific code is as follows: Angular sensitive text automatic filtering     var myapp = angular.module ("MyApp", []); MyApp.Filter ("Filter1", Function () {Return Function (MSG, FLAG) {Return Msg.Replace (/ Sanlu / G, Flag);}}); MyApp.Controller ("MyCtrl", Function ($ scope) {$ scope.Message = "});   {{Message | Filter1:" Enter prohibited words "}]       More about AngularJS Related Contents Readers can view this station topic: "AngularJS instructions Summary", "Angularjs Getting Started and Advanced Tutorials "and" AngularJS MVC Architecture Summary "
It is hoped that this article will help you AngularJS programming.
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