JS implementation of the corresponding index function to pop up the LI tab [Case]

The instance of this paper describes the index functionality of the JS implementation Click the LI tab pop-up. Share to everyone for reference, specifically:

Click the Li tag, pop up the corresponding index

First look:

HTML structure: JS实现点击li标签弹出对应的索引功能【案例】

I am a Li tag 1
I am a li label 2
  I am a li label 3 
  • I am a Li tag 4
  • I am a Li tag 5
  • Method 1: Method for adding an index directly into the label
VAR List = Document. getElementByid (‘ul1’). Children; // Get all LI tag for (var i = 0; i

Complete test example,

    list[i].setAttribute('index',i+1); //给每一个li标签添加索引
    list[i].onclick=function ( ) {

 www.jb51.net JS Click the Li tag, pop-up the corresponding index 

I am a li label 1
I am a li tag 2
  I am a li tag 3   I am a li tag 4   I am Li Label 5    var list = document.getlementByid ('ul1'). Children; // Get all LI tag for (var i = 0; i  
  • Method 2: Method for using closure
VAR LIST = Document.getlementByid ('ul1'). Children; // Get all LI tag for (var i = 0; i <list.length;i++){//遍历每一个li标签 list[i].setAttribute('index',i+1); //给每一个li标签添加索引 list[i].onclick=function ( ) { alert("您点击了第"+this.getAttribute('index')+"个li标签");//获取添加的li标签的元素值 } }
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Online HTML / CSS / JavaScript code running tool : http: //tools.jb51.net/code/htmljsrun Tests the above code running effect.

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