How to use HTML to achieve flight information

This article shared everyone about how to take advantage of HTML to view the views of flight information. Xiaobian feels quite practical, so share it with you to do a reference. Let’s take a look at Xiaobian.

   Flight   .t1 {color: white;} TD {text-align: center }    Delete   Ticket type   Departure city - destination city  take off time  Booking price  Airline  Airport  Airport  Round  Ningbo → Sanya  21: 20/08: 10  23: 50/10: 40  ¥ 1080  CZ6762 / CZ6761  round-trip  21: 20/08: 10  21: 20/08: 10  ¥ 1600  ¥ 670  Shanghai Airlines-FM  FM9350 / FM9349  Modified 
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¥ 3760 China Southern Aviation Corporation -CZ Guangzhou → Sanya
Baiyun Airport Thank you for reading! For how to use HTML to achieve flight information, share it here, I hope that the above can help everyone, let everyone learn more. If you feel that the article is good, you can share it out to let more people see it!