How to make the input border do not display in the HTML page

This article will explain how to make the Input border in the HTML page do not display in detail. Xiaobian feels very practical, so share it for everyone to do a reference, I hope everyone can gain something after reading this article.

When there is no click of the INPUT box, the border is not displayed:

  Border: none;  

II. Click the INPUT box, when preparing the input value, no border:

  Input {border: none; width: 200px; height : 80px; Box-Radius: 25%; OUTLINE: Medium; Text-align: center;}  

Note: Use Outline: Medium in the style; not when you click the Input box. There is a side frame line.

OUTLINE is a line drawn around the elements, located outside the edge of the border, can function as a protruding element. The outline does not occupy space, nor is it a rectangle.

The Outline Shorthand Property sets all contoured properties in a declaration.

About how to make the Input Border in the HTML page, you can share it here, I hope that the above can help you have some help, you can learn more. If the article is good, you can share it out to let more people see.

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