How to achieve multiple options in the form options in the HTML page

Xiaobian to share with how to achieve multiple selection functions in the form option of the HTML page, I believe that most people don’t know much, so share this article to everyone, I hope everyone is reading this article. There is a big gain after the article, let us let us know together!

HTML checkbox setting code specific example, as follows:

     HTML Check button setting example      Which mothers are interested in?  Mount  Mountaineering 
The effect is as follows:
As shown, multiple answers can be performed on the problem, and it is displayed in the form of ticking, and then click once to cancel the check. Here we need to understand a Checkbox

property. The Checkbox object represents a selection box in an HTML form. In the HTML document

Every occurs once, the checkbox object will be created.

怎么实现在html页面的表单选项中能有多选功能 How to achieve all the contents of the multi-selection function in the form option of the HTML page, thank you! I believe everyone has a certain understanding, I hope to share the content of everyone, if you want to learn more knowledge, please pay attention to Tumi Yun Industry News Channel!

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