How to use H5 organizational content

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By default, the format of the HTML document is not related to the format displayed in the browser window, for example: browser will convert several blank characters together into a space, and Will ignore the change. HTML provides an organizational content, the contents of the displayed content, and pre-arranged the format of the content.

Established paragraph

HTML will ignore the carriage return and other extra spaces you entered in text, and new paragraphs in the web page use P element identity, one paragraph contains one or more Related sentences, usually around a point or argument, or there are some common topics between multiple arguments.

 Antoni Gaudí   MANY TOURSTS ARE DRAWN TO BARCLONA TO See Antoni Gaudí's Incredible Architecture. 

Barcelona Celebrated The 150th Anniversary

can be added to the paragraph, including font, font, color, and the like.
DIV element
The DIV element has no specific meaning. If there is no appropriate element available, this element can be used to establish a structure for the content and impart its meaning, and its meaning is usually passed through the Class or ID property. Specify.

But notice that it is best not to use a DIV element without having to use the DIV elements, which should be given to elements with semantic importance.

Pre-arrangement of content format

Browser will all extra carriage and compression space, and wrap according to the size of the window. pre element can change the way browsers handle content to prevent the merger blank character, so that the source document format is preserved. However, note that unless there is a need to retain the original format of the document, it would be best not to use this element, because it weakens through the use of elements and styles to present the results of this control mechanism flexibility.

pre element usually with the use of code elements, for example display the code, because the programming language format is usually very important.

Add this to your style sheet if you want to display a dotted border underneath the

abbr element whenever it has a
 title  . attribute 

abbr [title] {border-bottom: 1px dotted # 000;}

   cited elsewhere SUMMARY 
blockquote element represents the content of a cited elsewhere, and similar elements q (quoted for short, can not span), but usually the content to be referenced in more scenes. The cite attribute element can be used to specify the content of the cited sources.
Add relating to the partition

HR element represents the paragraph relating to the partition level. In HTML5, hr element represents a transition to another topic, customary style is a straight line across the page.

Note that the browser will ignore the content blockquote elements of the format, the default text of the blockquote indentation. To build in a reference structure, organizations can use some elements, such as p or hr.

The browser should automatically add quotation marks in the Q element, but different browsers have different effects. Below is an example of using the q element.


Avez-vous lu le livre

high Tide in tucson

de Kingsolver? C’est Inspirational
  Topics 1 

Topics 2

The above example adds some HR elements to the block QUOTE element to form a certain structure.

Types the list of content organizations

with a list of lists, unordered list, and description list.

1) Ordered list, OL is the parent element, LI is a list item;

2) Unordered list, UL is the parent element, Li is list item;

3) Description list, DL is the terms and description of the DL for the parent element, DT, and DD, respectively.

In addition, the user can define its own list.

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