Method using UPitor in the Vue project

Xiaobian to share the method of using the UPitor in the Vue project, I believe that most people don’t know much, so share this article to everyone, I hope everyone has a big gain after reading this article. Let’s go find it!

The project generated by Vue-Cli is an example

1.static folder first placed in the UPitor file

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      3.WebPack.Base.conf.js Added  

Externals: {‘UE’: ‘UE’,},


window.ueditor_home_url = “/ static / ueditor /”; // Configure the path set Set to the location placed in Uditor

5.EDitor component

Const UE = Require (‘UE’); // eslint-disable-lineexport default {name: ‘EditorView’, DATA: ( ) => ({Editor: null,}), methods: {getEditor () {console.Log (this.EDitor.getContent ());},}, mounted () {this.EDitor = ue.geteditor (‘editor’);}, destroyed () {this.editor.destroy ();},};

The above is all the contents of the method used in the Vue project, thank you for reading! I believe everyone has a certain understanding, I hope to share the content of everyone, if you want to learn more knowledge, please pay attention to Tumi Yun Industry News Channel!

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