Symbol Method for making ICON in SVG

This article mainly introduces the method of Symbol production ICON in SVG. The text introduction is very detailed, with certain reference value, interested friends must have read!

2. New GulpFile.js file

  Var gulp = required ('gulp'); var svgsymbols = Require ('Gulp-Svg-Symbols'); Gulp.Task ('Sprites', Function () {Return Gulp.SRC ('assets / svg / *. svg'). Pipe (svgsymbols ()). PIPE Gulp.dest ('assets'));})  3. Create a new Assets / SVG, put the downloaded SVG in the SVG file 
TIP: The SVG file name is changed to the required ID

4. Run Gulp Sprites

5. Directly in HTML

    Document   .icon {width: 32px; Height: 32px; Fill: Red;}           The above is all the contents of Symbol in SVG to make ICON, thank you for reading! I hope to share the content help everyone, more related knowledge, welcome attentionTUMI cloud industry information channel!                      
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