How can Web edit program code on your phone?

How can I edit the program code on the phone? This issue may be often seen in our daily study or work. I hope that you can give you a deep harvest through this issue. Below is the reference content brought by Xiaobian, let’s take a look!

For a programmer, do you leave your computer means losing “Tools for Eating”? In fact, it is not, now is the era of mobile Internet developed, and people can contact “world” on a mobile phone. So how do your mobile phone edit the program code? This article gives you a few software for editing code from Android mobile phones. First of all, everyone must know Android is a Linux-based free and open source operating system.

First, AIDE, can be written, can run.

AIDE is an Android Java integrated development environment that allows you to develop Android software and games in the Android system. It is not just an editor, but supports writing – compile – debugging running the entire cycle.

web在手机上怎么才能编辑程序代码 Developers can create new projects on the Android phone or tablet, write code writing, support real-time error check, code reconstruction, code intelligence Navigate, generate an APK, then install it directly to test. This software is fully compatible with existing Eclipse projects, just copy the source code into your device and open, you can continue to start the code work.

Second, DROIDIT, text source code editor, syntax highlight.

“DROIDIT PRO” is an code editor for Android phones or tablets, with Syntax Highlight features, editing of source code, supports dozens of programming languages ​​highlight, package C , C ++, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lua, Latex, SQL, Unlimited Undo, and Handle, SFTP is supported.

Third, 920 textEditor: Mobile phone writes HTML, syntax highlights.

A powerful text editor running on the Android phone, using it you can easily view or edit your code anywhere.


Thank you for reading! After reading the above, how can you edit the program code on the mobile phone? I hope that the content of the article will help everyone. If you want to know more about the content, please pay attention to Tumi Yun Industry Information Channel.

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