After html is returned, the Form automatically submits the jump to other pages.

Xiaobian to share the HTML after entering the Form automatic submission to the other page, I hope everyone will read this article after the big gain, let us go to discuss!

This time, I will bring you a web page. Form automatically submits how to solve it. How should I solve it? After entering the bus, FORM Auto Submit to the other pages should be considered, what are the attention? It is a practical case, let’s take a look.

After the web is entered, Form is automatically submitted, run to other pages
There is a query form, I originally wanted to check when you click the query, and the result is tested to other pages when it is tested.

 Query     Solution:  give Form Add an onSubmit = "Search_Wj (); Return False;" 


   After reading this article, I believe that when you return to HTML, Form automatic submission to the other page should be solved to other pages, you want to know more related knowledge, welcome to follow the Tumi cloud industry Information channel, thank you for reading!                     
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