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I, grammar :

    Second, parameter analysis: 
A, NAME Item: Commonly used options with keywords Keywords), Description (Website Content Description), Author (Author), Robots (Robot), etc. B, HTTP-Equiv Item: Can be used to replace NAME items, often used options with Expires, PRAGMA ( Cache mode), refresh, set-cookie (cookie setting), Window-target (settings for display window), Content-Type (setting of the character set), etc.

C, Content item: Depending on the definition of the NAME or HTTP-Equiv, what kind of string is decided.
Third, the application
a, tell the browser page identified file type and language type, for example, we want Let the browser identify the HTM / HTML type Simplified Chinese network, we can write:

 B Let some search engines search your web page, code can be written like this:    

Reaching the automatic search engine can really easily search for your page. You have to pay attention to the following:

1, you need to define the Meta tag item, but also define the top 200 characters of the home page to reflect the text of the home page. Because some navigation stations are in the keywords in the Meta item, you have to target the top 200 characters in the body. For example, Altavista. So, some people find navigation when they check the registration results after registering the navigationThe description in the stage is not what you want, but a text such as copyright instructions. The reason for this phenomenon is that this is not noticed. 2, the Meta tag item that defines the keyword is placed before the definition description Meta item. Such as:
     3, put the most important keywords in front, let the relevant Key words adjacent. Full-lowercore coexists with the initials, because some navigation are sensitive to characters in the standard. Including punctuation should not exceed 250 words 
4. The first page is best not to use the Frame structure, because Frame divides the screen into multiple windows, the navigation station cannot intelligently select the home page to the home page in the correct window. c, let a page have a certain time, automatically go to another page or site, such as:

    6 indicates time, unit is second, URL = back is the URL you want to turn, if it is with your current web page, you can write directly to file names, such as: 

D, let the web page refresh every time a period of time, if you want to refresh it once, the code writes this:

  E, some special effects can be generated when you enter the page via META, and the specific application is as follows:   

The value of N is 0-23, the specific significance is as follows:
   3 circular enlarged 4 To the  
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