How to achieve rolling fonts and pictures of marques

marquee elements of how to achieve scrolling font and picture effects? This issue may be often seen in our daily study or work. I hope that you can give you a deep harvest through this issue. Below is the reference content brought by Xiaobian, let’s take a look!

marquee element can achieve a simple font (pictures, etc.) slide effects such as:

   # div01 {width: 500px;}     www.baidu333 .com

direction represents the direction of scrolling, the value may be left, right, up, down, default left
behavior represented in a rolling manner, the value may be a scroll (continuous roll) slide (sliding once) times (scroll back and forth)
loop represented cycle Alternate, the value is a positive integer, the default is an infinite loop
scrollamount represents velocity, the value is a positive integer, the default is 6
scrolldelay represented dwell time, the value is a positive integer, the default is 0, the unit appears to be ms
align a vertical alignment element value may be top, middle, bottom, defaultMiddle
BGColor represents the background color of the motion zone, the value is a 16-en-entered RGB color, the default is white
height, Width indicates the height and width of the motion zone, the value is positive integer (the unit is pixel) or percentage, default Width = 100% Height is the height of the elements in the label
HSPACE, VSPACE indicates the horizontal distance and vertical distance of the element to the regional boundary, and the value is positive and the unit is pixel.
onMouseOver = this.stop () onmouseout = this.start () indicates that the scroll stops when the mouse is above, and continues to scroll when the mouse is removed.
The following is to set the scroll or stop of M3, M4 when the click button is set:

    M4.Stop  M4.Start   Thank you for reading! After reading the above, do you know how to implement rolling fonts with the Marquee element? I hope that the content of the article will help everyone. If you want to know more about the content, please pay attention to Tumi Yun Industry Information Channel.                     
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