New feature based on IONIC implementation

Example of this article shared the specific code of the new features of the Ionic implementation of the Ionic implementation, for the reference, the specific content is as follows

            Down pull brush     

{@gname}} // Create a module var mode = angular.Module ("myApp", [ "Ionic"]); // [] is an object that needs to be injected. Two: Ngroute / Ionic // Create a controller mod.controller ("MyCtrl", Function ($ scope, $ http) {// Define an array, that is, Model data $ scope.goods = [{"gname": "autumn Pants "}, {" gname ":" Down Jacket "}]; // Refreshing method $ scope.dorefresh = function () {// Request network, load data $ http.get (" data.json "). Then Function (REQ) {// acquisition data, Req encapsulates the data to the DATA property in VAR D = Req.Data; // Add a collection entire plus another collection Contact () / / $ scope.goods = $ scope.goods .contact (d); for(VAR i = 0; i
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