Specific use method of Ref in Vue2

This article describes the specific use of REF in Vue2, and shares it to everyone, as follows.

1, we first define two components

JS portion

VUE .Component (‘Navbar’, {Template: ‘

‘, DATA: Function () {Return {NAVS: 1}}}); Vue.component (‘Pagefooter’, {Template : ‘
{{Footer}} ‘, data: function () {return {footer: 11}}};
How to directly access it directly Navbar's NAVS and PAGEFOOTER's FOOTER value? This is used to use

Modify the component

New Vue ({EL: ‘# app’, create: function () {}, mounted: function () {tHis. $ REFS.NAVBAR.NAVS = 222 // Ready, // How to directly access Navbar’s NAVS and PAGEFOTER’s FOOTER value, console.log (this. $ refs.navbar.navs); console.log (this. $ REFS.PAGEFOOTER.FOOTER;}})
If only one ordinary label is used
His role and:
Document.QuerySelector (‘[ref = demo] ‘);

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