It is five ways to determine if a string contains another string in JS.

Method 1: IndexOf () (recommended)

 VAR Str = "123" Console.log (Str.IndexOf ("2")! = -1); // true   
indexof () method can return a specified The string value of the string value first appears in the string. If the string value to be retrieved does not appear, the method returns -1.

Method 2: MATCH ()

VAR STR = “123” VAR REG = regexp (/ 3 /); if (str.match (reg)) {// contains;}

Match () method can retrieve the specified value in the string, or find one or Matching multiple regular expressions.
  Method 3: Search ()  
VAR STR = “123” Console.log (Str.Search “2”)! = -1); // True

Search () method is used to retrieve the sub-string specified in the string, or retrieved and regular expressions Match the sub-string. Returns -1 if any matching substrings are not found.

Method 4: Test ()

   VAR Str = "123" var REG = RegeXP (/ 3 /); console.log (reg.test (str)! = -1); // true 

Test () method is used Retrieve the value specified in the string. Returns True or False.

Method 5: Exec ()

VAR STR = “123” Var REG = Regexp (/ 3 / ); if (REG.EXEC (STR)) {// includes;}

EXEC () method
for retrieving regular in strings Expression matching. Returns an array in which the matching results are stored. If matching is not found, the return value is NULL.
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The above is the five ways to determine if a string contains another string in JS, and I hope to everyone. Help, if you have any questions, please leave a message, Xiaobian will reply to everyone in time. Thank you very much for your support of Tumi Cloud Website!

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