How to implement H5 mobile

This article will give you a detailed explanation of how to achieve the H5 mobile adaptation, Xiaobian feels very practical, so share it for everyone to do a reference, I hope everyone can gain something after reading this article.


On version (http:// Mobile_URL), the desired comments should be:

  previous META tag ( Mobile Agent will continue to use, but we recommend using the mobile page created by HTMAL5 language to use the latest scenarios, other mobile page jump adaptations such as XML language, you need to continue to use Meta tags:   

HTML5 added mobile adaptation writing method, this is mainly for Baidu and other search engines to capture the mobile address of the website What is not automatically jumped automatically when the device switches to the phone. If the automatic jump is required, JS is required.
  How to implement the H5 mobile adaptation is shared here, I hope the above can Have some help to everyone, you can learn more. If the article is good, you can share it out to let more people see.                      
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