Vue.js How to bind events and values ​​for the SELECT drop-down box

This article will explain in detail about how the Select drop-down box for Vue.js is quite practical. Therefore, share it with you to do a reference, I hope everyone will read this article. It can be harvested.

Recently made MUI + Vue.js mobile projects, I met this solved, so recorded:

1, the code that binds the SELECT drop-down box is very simple Sendlist is The drop-down box collection, this can go to Vue.js document:


: Value Bind The value is the value value corresponding to this drop-down box


2, the value directly acquires the drop-down box, the attribute of V-model binding

How to bind the event and the value of the SELECT drop-down box for Vue.js Share here, I hope that the above can help you have some help, you can learn more. If the article is good, you can share it out to let more people see.

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