How to operate the parent page mask page pop-up effect

How does IFRAME sub-page How to operate parent page mask page pop-ups? This issue may be often seen in our daily study or work. I hope that you can give you a deep harvest through this issue. Below is the reference content brought by Xiaobian, let’s take a look!

Problem: In Index.html, iframe introduces Son.html, how to click on actions in Son.html, implement the shielding whole page, and pop up the layer to display?
IFRAME in Index.html Introduced Son.html,

Second: InDex.html's body portion adds a shield and content display layer

3: Setting DIV style and implementation in index.html Closed layer method
# 939393 None repel 0 0; Height: 100%; Width: 100%; Left: 0; TOP: 0; Filter: alpha (Opacity = 80); / * IE * / -Moz-Opacity: 0.8; / * moz + ff * / z-index: 10000;} #Layer {width: 400px; height: 400px; margin: -180px 0 0 -170px; Left: 50%; TOP: 50%; pOSI}: #fff; z-index: 10001; border: 1px solid # 1b5bac;}
/ * Show page * / function showdiv) {var bg = document.getlementByid ("BGlayer "); var con = document.getlementByid (" layer "); // var w = document.documentElement.clientwidth; // web page visible area width // var h = Document.documentelement.clientHeight; // web page visible area High Var W = document.body.scrollwidth; // 网 网 正文 full text wide var h = document.body.scrollHeight; // 网 正 正文 高 高 / // Alert (w + "-" + h); = "" Bg.Style.Width = W + "PX"; = h + "px"; = "";} / * closed * / function closediv () {var bg = document.getlementByid ("Bglayer"); var con = Document.GtelementByid ("layer"); = "none"; = "none";}

4: Some operation call parent page method in SON.HTML
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