Submit a method of forming form

Xiaobian to share with Image to submit form, I believe that most people don’t know much, so share this article to everyone, I hope everyone has a big harvest after reading this article. Let’s go find it!

        I don't want to use Button submits FORM, you want to submit it in 
with good-looking image, it will be submitted twice, the input itself is submitted once, JS script is submitted once Use the picture as a submission button to have the following methods:

    is like the landlord Since the written, this is complete  2.    
function formSubmit () {document.formtest.Action = “formtest.jsp”; Document.FormTest

  This method is often used in mixing programming, such as you want to submit The parameter is changed with the dynamic removal content   or more is to submit all content of the method of forming the form, thank you for reading! I believe everyone has a certain understanding, I hope to share the content of everyone, if you want to learn more knowledge, please pay attention to Tumi Yun Industry News Channel!                      
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