How to install and deploy bootstrap

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Bootstrap Introduction

What is BootStrap? Bootstrap is developed by Twitter’s Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton.

Bootstrap is open source products released on GitHub August 2011.
Bootstrap is a front-end framework for rapid development of web applications and websites.

Bootstrap supports response layout, compatible with multiple terminals (computers, tablets, mobile phones) devices.

Deployment to install Bootstrap

1. Download the Bootstrap Framework at the official website

2. Put the downloaded frame to the root directory and introduce the file.

Supports mobile device priority statement, it is necessary to put it in the HEAD tag

Then introduced the CSS file of Bootstrap.
  The Bootstrap Frame depends on jQuery, so introduces the jQuery library first, then introducing the Bootstrap's JS file.   The following is a complete code introduced into the code 
(Bootstrap’s JS file is best placed at the bottom of Body)

Test document
       3. Organically provided CDN   In the HEAD tag, the next   of the jQuery file must have a network.        

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