How to solve the problem with the Video label in the H5 page, cannot play MP4 video

Xiaobian to everyone how to solve the problem of the h5 page in the H5 page, the problem that cannot be played with MP4 video, I believe that most people don’t know much, so share this article to everyone, I hope everyone is reading this article. There is a big gain after the article, let us let us know together!

In order to avoid everyone who meets the same problem, I will popularize HTML5 about tag: When using the HTML4 protocol, we want to be on page Playing a video To play without using flash, or the embedded page is implemented, these two methods are very difficult for HTML5. It is very difficult because of a cow, and

  1. About the video format and encoding supported by the

  2. tag:

MP4 = MPEG 4 file Using the H264 video codec and AAC audio codec

Webm = webm file uses VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec

    OGG = OGG file uses theora video codec And Vorbis audio codec

  • Through the above information we will find only H364 encoded MP4 video (MPEG-LA), VP8 encoded webm format video (Google Company) Video (ITOUCH development) with the OGG format encoded, can support the

  • tab of HTML5.

  • What should I do if the browser does not support a video tag?

  • For example, IE browser also has an old version of the browser to support HTML5 is not very good, how do users use these browsers to open our web pages?

  • We can write the code this:

This will prompt in a browser that does not support HTML5, “Your browser does not support the video!”!

Extended parameters for VIDEO tags Description:

    Video elements allow multiple Source elements. Source elements can link different video files. The browser will use the first recognizable format so that we can prepare more of the video of several different formats.

Your browser does not support this video format.

  1. AutoPlay: This property means that the video will automatically play automatically after ready, usage: AutoPlay = “AutoPlay”

  2. Controls: Appence This property means displaying controls to the user, such as play buttons, etc., usage: controls = “controls”

  3. HEIGHT: Setting the height Width: Set the width

  4. loop: Automatic replay, usage: loop = “loop”

  5. preload: video Load and prepare playback when loading, usage: preload = “auto” – load the entire video after the page is loaded; preload = “meta” – loaded on the pageLater only load metadata; preload = “none” – does not load video after the page is loaded. Note: If AutoPlay is used, it is ignored preload

  6. SRC: how to play video URL

How to solve the H5 web page in VIDEO Label can not play all the contents of the MP4 video, thank you for reading! I believe everyone has a certain understanding, I hope to share the content of everyone, if you want to learn more knowledge, please pay attention to Tumi Yun Industry News Channel!

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