In-depth analysis of AngularJS template and V-bind


V-bind and {}} can bind the data, but the two are different, V-bind is not good, why is V-bind Not good is because V-bin made a completely replacement error, if you want to make a string, then V-bind is not a good choice, look at the example below.

Code segment to 喽

If we have such a requirement we define a variable A and a variable B, and the value of the calculation variable A * b is displayed.

I am going to be more simple, this stuff is also a way to write a short story, go home, let’s go! Ha ha.

The output style we want is sauce purple (A * b) => a * b, for example: (3 * 4) => 12

This practice will replace the text on the entire SPAN tag The result is only shown in 12


({{A}} * {{b}} => {{ A * b}})
So when doing development, try to use {{}}.
The above is the AngularJS template and V-bind given to you. I hope that everyone can help, if you have any questions, please give I leave a message, the small package will reply to everyone in time. Thank you very much for your support of Tumi Cloud Website!
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