VUE online dynamic switching theme color scheme

The main principle is to extract the correlation color CSS using the WebPack plug-in WebPack-Theme-Color-Replaceer and then replace the CSS

according to the configuration dynamic generation, the specific implementation steps are as follows:

1. Add WebPack plug-in, new file webpack / themeplugin.js

const themecolorreplacer = required (‘WebPack-theme-color “const backgroundui = required (‘) Const foreElementui = Require webpack-theme-color-replacer / forElementUI ‘) const config = require (‘ ../ src / config / appConfig ‘) module.exports = new ThemeColorReplacer ({fileName:’ css / theme-colors [contenthash: 8].. CSS ‘, Matchcolors: [… forelightui.getlementuiseries (config.Themecolor), // Element-ui main color series //’ # 0cdd3a ‘, // Custom Color], Changeselector: ForElementui.Changeselector, isjsugly: Process. Env.node_env! == ‘development’, // injectcss: false, // resolVecss (resultcss) {// Optional. Resolve Result CSS code as you wish. //Return RESULTCSS + YOUCSSCODE //}})
 Multi-customized subject color   
2 in the MatchColors array is configured. Add this plugin in vue.config.js

constatePlugin = Require (‘./ WebPack / themeplugin’); Module.Exports = {ConfigureWebPack: {Plugins: [Themeplugin ]}}

3. New Document ThemecolorClient.js
Import Client from ‘WebPack-Theme-Color- replacer / client’import forElementUI from ‘webpack-theme-color-replacer / forElementUI’import appConfig from’ @ / config / appConfig’export let curColor = appConfig.themeColor // dynamically switching the theme color export function changeThemeColor (newColor) {var options = {NewColors: [… forElementui.Gtelementuiseries],} return client.changer.changecolor (options, promise).then (() => {curColor = newColor localStorage.setItem ( ‘theme_color’, curColor)});} export function initThemeColor () {const savedColor = localStorage.getItem ( ‘theme_color’) if (savedColor) {curColor = savedColor ChangtHemecolor}}
4. Call the initThemecolor initialization color ChangetHemecolor change the topic color

 Import {initthemecolor, changethemecolor} from './UTILS/ThemecolorClient'initthemecolor()changethemecolor(' CHANGETHEMECOLOR ('#f56c6c' )// incoming color format should be a hex color value, 'red' similar color is not supported   
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