JS implementation slides to automatically load more features at the bottom of the page

There are not many words, please see the code:

/ / scroll bar to the bottom of the page load more case $ (window). Scroll (Function () {var Scrolltop = $ (this). Scrolltop (); // Rolling bar Distance Top High Var scrollHeight = $ (Document) .Height (); // Current Height of the current page VAR ClientHeight = $ (this) .height (); // Currently visible page height // console.log (“Top:” + scrolltop + “, DOC:” + scrollheight + “, client:” + clientHeight); if (scrolltop + clientHeight> = scrollHeight) {// Distance top + Current height> = Document The total height is sliding to the bottom count ++; // Each slide COUNT plus 1 filterData (ServiceTypeID, IndustriD, cityID, count); // Call the filter method, count is the current paging number} else IF ScrollTop
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 //滚动条距离顶部的高度小于等于0 TODO
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