Django template inherits the extend label instance code details

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… DEF Ordered (REQ): Return Render (Req, “Ordered.html”) DEF Shopping_car (Req): RETURN RENDER (Req, “Shopping_Car.html”)
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… Path (‘Ordered /’, Views.ordered), Path (‘Shopping_Car /’, Views.Shopping_car), …

  under the TMPLATES folder Create base.html file  

 .page-head {height: 50px Background-color: rebeccapurple;} .page-body .Menu {height: 500px; Background-color: antiquewhite; float: left; width: 20%;} .page-body .content {height: 500px; Background-Color: CornflowerBlue; float: Left; width: 80%} .page-footer {height: 50px; Background-color: green; clear: Both;}       Order     {% endblock%}  
{% Extends "Base.html"%} {% block content%}
{% endblock%} Shopping_car.html file {% extends "base.html"%} {% block content%}
Shopping cart {% endblock%}

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