Paging check function in the Table of Vue and Element-Ui

In the background management system, when using the table to display data, possible needs is a number of selections and then perform bulk operations, and it is also desirable to flip more.

The page structure is as follows


          Analog data implementation paging       DATA () {return {TableData: [ ], Multipleselection: [], PAGINATION: {CurrentPage: 1, Size: 10, Total: 1000}}}, beforemount () {this.Fetchdata ()}, methods: {fetchdata () {this.tableData = [] let START = (this.pagination.currentpage - 1) * this.pagination.size let end = this.pagination.currentpage * this.pagination.size settimeout (_ => {for (let i = start; i    
Show selected item

Selected: {{allmultipleselection}}
AllMultiPleSelection: [],
 Store the selected item in the check event  < end; i++) {
   id: i,
   name: `王${i}兰`
 handleCurrentChange () {
 handleSelectionChange (val) {
 this.multipleSelection = val
} The main idea is: 
Put the current page selected data into all options

Put all option data Issue unselected in the current page
HandleSelectionChange (VAL) {this.multipleeselection = VAL @tip implementation paging check console. LOG (VAL, 'Selection') setTimeout (_ => {this.resolveallSelection ()}, 50)}, resolveallselection () {let currentPageData = (item => item [this.uniqueKey]) /// All current data let currentPageSelected = (item => item [this.uniqueKey]) // this page selected data let currentPageNotSelected = currentPageData.filter (item =>! currentPageSelected.includes (item)) // Current page Unselected data // puts the current page Selected data into all options currentpageselected.ForeACH (item =>{if (! ") {this.allmultiPleSelection.push (item)}}) // Displaced CurrentPageNotSelected.ForeAach (item => {Let) // IDX = this.allmultiPleselection.indexof (item) if (idx> -1) {this.allmultipleselection.splice (idx, 1)}}) console.log (this.allmultiPleselection, 'all')},

At this point, it is also necessary to reallocate between the switching page, that is, traversing the current page All data exists in all the options, it is selected.

fetchdata () {// … settimeout (_ => {// … // @tip implementation paging check settimeout (_ => {this .setSelectedRow ()}, 50)}, 200)}, setSelectedRow () {// Setup current page Option this.tableData.Foreach (item => {if (this.allmultipleeselection.includes (item [this.uniqueKey]) ) {this. $ refs.astable.togglerowselection (item, true) console.log (item [this.UniqueKey], ‘set’)}})},

  • The paging check function is implemented.
  • All code is stored in @ Careteen / LAN-Vue
  • View Demo
Clone warehouse and the relying on the dependence
git clone calerteenl / lan-vue.gitnpm installnpm Run Serve

Browser Open http: // localhost: 8080 / # / examples / PAGINGCHECK can see the effect
The above is a small package to implement a paging check function in the Table of the Vue and Element-UI described. I hope to help everyone. If you have any questions, please leave a message, Xiaobian will reply to everyone in time. Thank you very much for your support of Tumi Cloud Website!
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