JQuery plugin to achieve random free bubble bubble style

A jQuery-based bubble animation plug-in, which generates bubbles above the designated area (left / right), and then the random level speed is discharged freely. After the bottom of the area, make a bounce, speed gradually decay. Detached until the movement is stopped.

jQuery 插件实现随机自由弹跳气泡样式

Online Demo

Installation method

Since it is based on jQuery expansion plugins, it is necessary to introduce jQuery.

Further, it is necessary to introduce the implementation script of the plugin itself.

     Before this, we also need to introduce Style reliance on file jQuery.bubble.min.css, mainly including bubble itself.   

Use example

plug-in to operate within the specified element If the specified element is not found, the plugin will use a Body element as a container.
  $ (Function () {$ ('# j_pluginwrap'). Bubble ({// Bubble Element Class ItemClass: 'J_BubbleItem', // Bubble Size [Minimum Value, maximum], unit px size: [60, 120], // bubble blowing large time range [minimum, max], unit s blowTime: [0.5, 1], // Direction of bubbles, Left / Right Direction: 'Right', // Location Offset, [X, Y], Effects and Direction Related Offset: [0, 60], // BubbleGenerate time interval, unit s interval: 1.2, // automatically stop time, 0 does not stop, unit s autostop: 10});});   
more For more details, please see the source code.

The above is the jQuery plug-in that Xiaobian introduced to everyone to achieve random free bubble bubble style, I hope that everyone can help, if you have any questions, please leave a message, Xiaobian will reply to everyone. Thank you very much for your support of Tumi Cloud Website!

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