Phapcms current column call parent and the following column information method

All childlights under the parent: Tag {php $ arrchildid = $ categorys [$ cat [parentid]] [ArrchildID]}

$ categorys [$ cat [ Parentid]] [Arrchildid], all the subfamses under the parent, in 08, I have tried it V9 with a lot of friends, seeing many friends asked, sharing the sharing you have found, I hope friends can use it!

In the current column, the parent and the following column information method, two to be together

{php $ arrchildid = $ categorys [$ Cat [parentid]] [arrchildid]}

{PC: Get SQL = “Select * from v9_news where catid in ($ arrchildid) cache =” 3600 “PAGE = “$ Page” Num = “12” Return = “Data”}

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