Method for closing video sound in HTML5

How to close the video sound in HTML5? This issue may be often seen in our daily study or work. I hope that you can give you a deep harvest through this issue. Below is the reference content brought by Xiaobian, let’s take a look!

Close the sound of the video:

  MyVID = Document.GtelementByid ("video1"); myvid.muted = true;  
Definitions and Usage

MUTED Property Setting or Returning Whether the audio / video should be mute (turn off the sound).

Browser Support

All mainstream browsers support MUTED properties.

Note: This property is not supported by Internet Explorer 8 or the earlier browser.

Setup attribute:

AUDIO | VIDEO.MUTED = true | false
   Returns MUTED Properties: 
AUDIO | Video.Muted



TRUE indicates that the sound of the audio / video should be turned off. False default. Indicates that the sound of the audio / video should be opened. Default:
Return value Boolean value. True | False


Close the sound of the video: Turning off the sound
Opened the sound

Check the silent state

  Your browser does not support the Video tag.   var myVid = document.getElementById ( "video1"); function enableMute () {myVid.muted = true;} function disableMute () {myVid.muted = false;} function checkMute () {alert (myVid .MUTED;  

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