Question of WeChat applet development

Recently summarized a WeChat applet, as a small program filling, people experience the changes here, I just said that when the applet just released the news, I said a Views, as long as the components or APIs provided by the applet or a good, stable, compatibility can achieve the concept of rapid development of the small program, and now there are still many components, and some are still optimized, because of a small program This platform is limited to the development limit and can only sit in. . . If you want to use a third-party library, the applet is clearly not supported by the third-party library, so that the final applet review is 100% not passed.

Scroll-View exists on iOS BUG

When using this component development page, the Y-axis slide in the pull trigger iOS due to its own scrolling effect. When the original rubber band effect, Scroll-View did not slide BUG, ​​and there was no bug without rubber band under Android system. Now the latest version 0.11.122100 If it still exists, the next version will be processed.

2. WeChat 6.3.31 Input’s FOCUS invalid

in a small program update logging to solve

2016-12-22 Update Log

1.F Repair

Components When you lose the focus on the developer tool

3. In iOS, use the navigation jump page At occasional white screen bug

will be referred to in the later version

4. TabBar icon is inconsistent on each platform

Officially known, will repair

5.ios back to the navigation bar on the later version

Tabbar’s official Know, the next version will increase SwitChtab interface allows developers directly control Tabbar switching

6. Map coverings are unable to add clicked events, unable to get users click on that cover

Official already known Will repair

7. if the applet can be changed to support WebView

8. Android WeChat update to After 6.3.32, it is not supported from normal page to page

new version will have a special API to jump to TabBar’s page, and there is a logical problem with the previous processing.

9.Swiper How to Realize Cycle Running

The current version has been supported

10. Fast clicking multiple input There will be a problem

The official will be repaired, waiting for the release version

11. When debugging, WXML often occurs in a blank case

It has been fixed, the next version of the development tool will update

12. When the Scroll-View overlap, there will be a problem of event penetration

Official follow-up repair

13. Under the Android, 1RPX Border may appear problems

There is a small value of the RPX display in some Android’s mobile phone display incomplete problem, the new version WeChat will fix this problem

14. Can you open a normal web link from a small program

15 is not supported. There is Textarea in scroll-view, its content cannot be changed

OfficialThere is currently not supported

16.WXSS file to write CSS 3 animation, click Compile to report it directly, compile without passing

Current small program supports small CSS3 properties In the official post-period, more CSS3 attributes

17. In the Canvas related API of WeChat applet, we have found that lack of CANVAS converted into a picture

WeChat 6.3.30 has supported wx.canvastotemfilePath, can be used to transfer Canvas to a picture Temporary file path

18. Currently available Canvas drawing interface, can not be compatible with the native API

19. How to develop, Tab how to move to top

WeChat 6.3.30 Has supported in TabBar setting Position parameters 20. Is there a picture of the original as high-wide interface in the API of the applet

WeChat 6.3.30 Has supported, the BindLoad event of the image component can return the original width of the image High

21. Can a small program reference to external chart libraries, such as Echarts

Officially does not support

22. When developing, can you use a custom font icon

Custom font is supported, but it is necessary to use the line font, and the server stored by the font needs to allow cross-domain

23. Official ES6 Transfer ES5 will report an error on Android

The function of ES6 to ES5 provided by the development tool will only convert syntax, new ES6 API, such as Promise, etc. need to developer IntroducePolyfill or other class library to solve

24.GetImageInfo has a bug

WeChat 6.3.31 version android client with WX.GetImageInfo in Android This bug, the new version will fix

25. When the size of the small program is 1 MB, it will be enlarged when the control is officially released.

The answer given is not Enlarge

26. GetUserInfo interface get unionID, what to do

Need to WeChat open platform website ( Bind the applet and your other public number or app will return unionID

27. WA WITOR Support and Hardware Interaction? For example, the hardware is data communication through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

The official future is likely to launch this function

28. What is the format of recording completion

The recording on the phone is currently a SILK format. Silk is a speech codec for Skype internal development as the default codec that Skype to Skype calls. Silk’s high scalability of audio bandwidth, network code rate, and complexity makes it a codec

29 that can be selected for multiple modes and applications. The small program opens the user mobile phone communication. Read / write permission

30.ipad seems to be previewed

Approach is currently temporarily I don’t support iPad

31. I will support the text, pictures, links to friends, friends circle

Official answers: Sharing Ability will provide Please pay attention to the official document

32. CHECKBOX can only pass the Checkbox-Group Binding event

Checkbox does not trigger a change event, checkbox-group triggers

33. Scrolling the page, scrolling to the bottom, loading new content can not be implemented

WeChat 6.3.30 Has supported page configuration OnReachbottom event

34. When canvas components Can not save the canvas information

Official answer: I don’t support it, we will quickly support

35. The header of the UPLOADFILE can’t bring the cookie parameter

WeChat 6.3.31 version of the iOS client has this bug, the new version is about to fix

36.WXML in the Mustache syntax (double brace bracket) to bind data, if corresponding Target data is a HTML text that can you bind? How should I bind?

Officially does not support

37. Can I use some tool libraries? For example, it can be installed by npm install to install third-party tool library

38. It seems that you cannot get pictures and high by JS, Is there a solution?

Currently, you can only display the width of the picture

39. Does the WeChat applet have a call and send Email method?

Current support calls, I don’t support Email

40. Is it the same if it is paid to a subcourse?

Currently, no supportPay to subcourse

41. WeChat small application In addition to the own API interface, is it supported by other external API or JS plug-ins?

42. Whether to support video live or audio live, such as HLS

Official answer: We are technical Constantly improved, will soon provide

43. When the “Complete” button triggered, the corresponding action is not found, and there is currently no relevant API. Do you have support

Input / TextArea, subsequently provides BindConfirm’s event listening properties, used to listen to the “Complete” button Click

44. Developing tools do not support Linux environment and Windows 2003 / XP system

45. I also develop WeChat applets and server programs on a machine. Ask WeChat applets when developing How to access the server’s server

The server must use domain names and does not support local debugging

46. How to send feedback directly for review

Official Answer: We will submit an audit page in subsequent WeChat public platform applets, increase the test account (account + password form), and review the review. Regarding the issue of review, you can send an email to:, we will arrange a special person to view feedback

47. Can personal developers can register

now support Only business, government, media, other organizations, personal developers do not support registration

48. Using Promise in a small program tool, error: Typeerror: promise is not a construCTOR, is there a problem

Official answer: To ensure the three-end unity, 0.11.12300 version of the tool remove Promise, developers need to introduce compatible libraries themselves

So I I introduced a promise.min library, lightweight and solved

49.NPUT components have BindInput events, and the Textarea component is not

in 2016 12 New component event BindInput