ComboBox (drop-down list box) Loading a way to call remote data via URL

ComboBox (drop-down list box)
ComboBox Common Properties:
VALUEFIELD: Basic Data Value Name Binds to the drop-down list box. – Submit value
TextField: Basic Data field name Binds to the drop-down list box. – Display value
URL: Loads the remote list data via the URL.
Mode: Defines how to read list data when text changes. When set to ‘Remote’, the drop-down list box will load data from the server. When set to “Remote” mode, the user input will be sent to the HTTP request parameter named ‘Q’ to the server to retrieve new data.

Method: CLEAR: Clears the value of the drop-down list box.

SELECT: Select the specified item.

SetValue: Set the value of the drop-down list box.
SetValues: Set the drop-down list box value array.

Small presented ComboBox (drop-down list box) to load calling remote data through the URL, I hope to help everyone, if you have any questions, please leave a message, Xiaobian will reply to everyone!
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