JS analysis method analysis of string flipping

This example analyzes the method of js to implement string flipping. Share to everyone for reference, specifically:

1. Complete flip of strings:

  VAR STR = "smile AT life "; Document.write (Str.Split ("). Reverse (). Join (""));  
The result is:

2. Invert the word order in the string, but the word alphabetical order is unchanged:

Function ReverStr (param) {var arr = param.split (“”); var newarr = []; for (i = 0; i
newArr[arr.length-i] = arr[i];
return newArr.join(" ");
document.write(reverseStr("smile at life"));

operation results :

Attached: Input string reverse operation complete example

 www.jb51.net JS reverse string   var str = prompt ("Please enter any string:"); var Ar = new array (str.length); var i = str.Length-1; var j = 0; while (i> = 0) {Ar [j] = str.Charat (i); i-; j ++; } Document.write ("Follow is: "); for (j = 0; J  [1    
Here <str.length;j++) { document.write(aR[j]); } online HTML / CSS / JavaScript code running tool : http: // Tools. JB51.NET/code/htmljsrun test, can be run as follows:
PS: Here you recommend one Online Tools for Higher Reference:

Online Text Remorse Randol Sort Tools:

http://tools.jb51.net/aidedDesign/flipped_txt JS实现字符串翻转的方法分析

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JS实现字符串翻转的方法分析 I hope this article will help you JavaScript programming.

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