Difference and Usage Analysis of Click and OnClick in JavaScript

This example tells the difference and usage of Click and OnClick in JavaScript in JavaScript. Share to you for your reference, specifically:

Native JavaScript Click The elaboration in W3C is a Dom Button object, and it is also an HTML DOM Click () method, which simulates on the button. A mouse click.

The Button object represents a button in the HTML document. Button elements do not have a default behavior, but must have an onclick event handle for use.


ButtonObject.Click ()

Function ClickButton () {document. getElementByid (‘Button1’). Click ()} Function Alertmsg () {Alert (“Button 1 Was Clicked!”)}
         OnClick  is an event, an EVENT object. JavaScript objects for this event: Button, Document, Checkbox, Link, Radio, Reset, Submit   HTML Dom Event object, representing the status of the event, such as the element in which the event occurs, the keyboard button, the mouse The position of the mouse button. The event is usually used in conjunction with the function, and the function will not be executed before the event!   

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The previous Click is a method, and OnClick is an event.
1. The event is generally started at the beginning;

2. Method is to call the statement directly, ie Display call;

3. Event does not need to be called, but must write a function by the programmer and assign the function to the corresponding event, and its call is in the corresponding event. Trigger. [Tell the browser what to do when you click] So the call order is: First, the second event is first.

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