Vue.js development environment Quick build tutorial

Vue.js is now very popular in the backend, front end, WeChat, and mobile terminal, today Simple Simulation Vue.js Quick installation;

1. Install NPM

NPM is Node.js package management tool, installation process address:

Estimated to be very slow, we can use Taobao NPM mirror download Installation:

## Install NPM ## sudo npm install -g cnpm –registry = https: //
   2. Mounting Vue 

Vue.js开发环境快速搭建教程 ## Global Install Vue-CLI ## sudo npm install -g Vue-cli

 3. Create a VUE template   
## Create a new project based on “WebPack” template SUDO VUE INIT WebPack My-Project? Project Name project name? Project Description Project Name Description? Author Author ED? USE ESLINT To LINT Your Code? Do you need an ESLIST syntax check? Setup Unit tests with karma + mocha? Do you need a unit test? Setup E2E Tests WiTH nightwatch? YES requires E2E test


4. Mounting Vue dependencies

## Download Dependencies ## SDUO NPM Install
   Multiple dependent packs under the project path ... 

Vue.js开发环境快速搭建教程 5. Operating items

## Run VUE ## sudo npm run dev

 This command can be found in Package.json in the project ...   
“Scripts”: {“dev”: “Node Build / Dev -server.js “,” build “:” Node Build / Build.js “,” E2E “:” Node Test / E2E / Runner.js “,” Test “:” NPM Run E2E “},

At the same time, it can also be found on the VUE official website … command line tool


MY-Project Eason $ Sudo NPM Run Devpassword:> btbu.edu_project@1.0.0 dev / users / easy build / dev-server.jslistening at http: // localhost: 8080webpack built afe85d235050b4bfe7d7 in 3096msHash: afe85d235050b4bfe7d7Version: webpack 1.13.2Time: 3096ms Asset Size Chunks Chunk Names app.js 1.06 MB 0 [emitted] appindex.html 249 bytes [emitted] Child html-webpack-plugin for “index.html”: Asset Size Chunks Chunk Names Index.html 21.5 KB 0WebPack: Bundle Is No. Valid.

Note: The following result can occur when running, because NPM INSTALL Decrelation is not fully installed, need to execute Sudo NPM Install
   Node Build / dev-server.jsmodule.js: 341 throw Err; ^ error: Cannot Find Module 'Express 'at function.module._resolvefilename (Module.js: 339: 15) at function.Module._load (Module.js: 290: 25) At Module.Require (Module.js: 367: 17) At Require (Internal / Module) . 
(/users/eason/my-project/build/dev-server.js:2:15AT module._compile (Module.js: 413: 34) at Object.Module._extensionsions..js (Module.js: 422: 10) at module.low (Module.js: 357: 32) at function.Module. _Load (Module.js: 314: 12) at function.Module.Runmain (Module.js: 447: 10) NPM Err! Darwin 14.5.0npm Err! Argv “/ usr / local / bin / node” / usr / local / bin / npm “” run “” dev “npm err! node v5.6.0npm err! npm v3.6.0npm err! code elifecycle

run successfully listening at 8080 Port .. listening at http: // localhost: 8080
 Last browser input http: // localhost: 8080 / See the following interface Description Installation success   
Supplement Two Sublime Text Supports VUE Plugin

1.Package Control Install
2. Using pretTIFY
 in Sublime Text In, press CTRL + SHIFT + P to call up the command panel;  Enter install to call up the install package option and enter;  Enter Pretty, select HTML-CSS-JS Pretti in the listFY will be installed after returning 
PS: not very simple, do it, try

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