Is environmental configuration difficult? Teach you one button to help you get server environment deployment

Configure the server environment for the owners, it has been a headache, even if the station can not guarantee that veterans can manually configure a one-time success; because too many steps to manually configure the server environment, a little bit iffy They may come to naught, seriously affecting the efficiency of the station.

how best to solve this problem?

recommended server environment where one-click batch configuration tool – cloud helper Click to download the official website


operation simple and approachable, novices can configure a one-time success .

Kits own environment, installation fool deployment.

For some of the less familiar friends linux system, manually configure apach + mysql + php web development environment, will encounter a variety of problems on the configuration, and not so easy to solve. Then, using a suite of one-click environment, it is very necessary. Cloud helper provides a variety of mainstream environmental Packages for Windows and Linux systems, can help you quickly create and configure sites.


WIMP is IIS Mysql PHP environment under Windows integrated suite of packet

WNMP is Nginx Mysql PHP environment under Windows integrated suite of packet

WAMP is Apache Mysql PHP environment under Windows integrated suite of packet

Nginx PHP MySQL PHP environment integrated suite

LNMP is Linux under the packet

LAMP is Apache Mysql PHP environment under Linux integrated suite package

to support more open source systems such as: CRM Discuz etc.

will introduce more packages, such as ELK, user-friendly and efficient deployment, monitoring and management

cloud do not help build their own framework to facilitate the installation of speed one-click configuration, for pure white is very friendly.

environment components freely selected batch install a key

does not own cloud helperEnvironmental component under the same version, such as version 5.5.19, version 5.6.24 MySQL, 2008 edition, version 2012 SOLServer, and support a key installation environment deployed in different scenarios, user-friendly for sudden changes in the business, automatically elastic flexibility to adjust resources to support changing business environment resources, reduce labor costs and improve station efficiency.

WEB server: IIS, Nginx, Apache

SQL databases: MySQL, SQLServer

FTP server: FileZilla Server

Environmental framework: PHP, .NET Framework

management tool: phpMyAdmin, TightVNC

a stable server environment is an important prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the site, all software are provided by helper cloud security center detection, ease of use.

compared to other products available in the market, the cloud helper built-in software markets, the software provides a richer stable, lower threshold for the use, not only can be applied to the daily work of operation and maintenance, personal station, novice Master also applies; mindless brute environment deployment method, the whole batch one-button operation, without writing any program, white novice can get started immediately!

automated operation and maintenance can maximize the efficiency and shorten the feedback loop is critical to business innovation and competitive advantage. Cloud helper will closely follow the trend of the times, the use of cloud unified management of environmental resources, user-friendly rapid deployment, easy management, operation and maintenance work so that the simplification and ease the operation and maintenance costs, more efficient operation and maintenance of automation.

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