JQuery implements common hidden and presentation list effect examples

This example tells the jQuery implementation of common hidden and display list effects. Share to everyone for your reference, specifically:

     www.jb51.net jQuery brand List effect      * {Margin: 0; Padding: 0; Box-Siting: Border-Box; -Moz-Box-Siting: Border-Box;} body {font : 16PX / 20PX "Microsoft Yahei, 'Microsoft Jah Black'" Color: #fff;} ul {list-style-type: none;} a {text-decoration: none; color: # 000;} ul Li {float: Left; Text-align: Right;} .clear: before, .clear: after {content: ""; clear: Both; display: Table; Height: 0; overflow: hidden; zoom: 1;} .subcategorybox {width: 473px; margin: 0 auto; border: 1px solid;} .subcategorybox ul {padding: 5px 10px;} .subcategorybox ul Li {Padding:5px;}. SubcategoryBox UL Li: nth-child (3n-2) {width: 130px;} .subcategorybox ul li: nth-child (3n-1) {Width: 161px; margin-right: 30px;} .subcategorybox UL Li: nth-child (3n) {width: 130px;} .showmore {text-align: center;} .showmore a {background: #eef; color: # cfcfe0;} .hightlight a, .hightlight i {color: red ; / * font-weight: bold; * /}    Canon   (30441)  
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